5 Essential Recipes for Roasting Season

Ahhh, it’s that time of year again: roasting season. For the uninitiated, roasting season takes place in fall and winter! This is when the weather gets chilly and you’re craving warmth and all things pumpkin spiced.

Roasting season is one of my favorite seasons mostly because I’m allowed to eat whatever I want… and I say that because I can eat all the unhealthy things I want but hide it under coats and scarves and layers! Spring is when you should get healthy… Fall and winter are the seasons for putting on some weight for hibernation!

I’m obsessed with all things that are cooked slow and low.

Here are a few recipes that you should definitely try during the cozier seasons!

  1. Hassleback Butternut Squash
    It’s squash season baby! Sure, I’m a fan of summer squash but when it comes down to it I’m really obsessed with winter squash.
    Squash always reminds me of warm and cuddly vibes. This recipe is so easy yet so good it’ll taste like you spent hours on this squash. Plus, it looks fancy! Your guests will be impressed (and you’ll be impressed with yourself! This is great if you need to bring something to a dinner party or if you’re responsible for one dish.
  2. Chicken and… anything!
    Roasting a chicken is a kitchen basic that everyone should master. There’s nothing that looks more impressive than setting down an entire Chicken on the dinner table. And it’s so flippin’ easy! They key to this recipe is the skin so pay close attention to that part of the recipe!
  3. Whole Pork Loin
    Going to the butcher during the roasting season is so exciting!!!!! I love it!
    So why not treat yourself by buying an entire pork loin! This recipe takes something that seems super daunting and breaks it down to something really do-able! Do this for your next dinner party or on a weeknight so you can save the leftovers